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Quality control is also a factor that cannot be monitored when the supply of marijuana is coming from illicit grow houses. If you are going to grow cannabis, grow in compliance and   grow it legally.  

Cannabis Crime-Shredder is a public awareness program informing homeowners of illegal activities, such as the unlawful theft of utilities and zone laws violations, by marijuana growers and cannabis producers.  

Join our program to help your neighbors stop the disruption and theft of vital utilities like electricity and water needed in cannabis production. Help us complete the directory of all cannabis  facilities and keep them all in compliance for health and safety in our neighborhoods.


The State of Washington has  legalized the use and sale of marijuana, and safety became a concern for many residents. 


The common complaint is the use of residential zoned homes for growing marijuana on large scale. The homes that grow marijuana are not in compliance with the regulations of the Liquor and Cannabis Board.  This illegal activity is often hard to detect due to theft of electricity and water.

Our program is designed to help homeowners identify and eliminate illegal cannabis activities in our neighborhoods.

For more information, please contact us at


Our goal is to stop illicit cannabis grows by sending the message that growing marijuana in homes is hazardous. Be part of the goal to keep our neighborhoods free of marijuana crimes and schedule service to shred your junk mail - and cannabis crime. 

The petition is ready for our neighborhood to gather the signatures for the next election. Select the PDF and bring to your local print store to print.


The Marijuana Eradication Program (MEP) is sponsored by the Drug Enforcement Administration and managed by the Washington State Patrol.

The emphasis of this program is to consolidate the efforts of federal, state, and local enforcement agencies to eradicate marijuana-growing operations within the state of Washington.

This program needs your assistance to be successful.

The MEP Hotline receives and monitors anonymous information from concerned citizens regarding marijuana-growing operations. This information is sent to an enforcement agency in the jurisdiction of the reported marijuana grow for action.


DEA: 206-553-5443


Call Washington State Patrol

for tips related to all illegal cannabis grow businesses in residential zones.


These cannabis grows are not  licensed and are a hazard to national health safety and security.

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